16,000 households still without television after the fire on the mast offered a streaming solution



Houses on the Yorkshire coast still without a TV signal after the Bilsdale Mast fire must receive a £ 50 Currys voucher to buy TV streaming devices.

The voucher system to help thousands of people in areas still without TV services receive free channels was started by Arqiva, the company that operates Bilsdale Mast.

The program is the final step in the restoration project, designed to help those affected by the Bilsdale Mast fire in August.

Last week, a temporary 80-meter mast was lit, restoring television services to around 95% of homes in North East and North Yorkshire. After testing the signal from the temporary mast using a helicopter, we now believe that around 16,000 households are still in so-called “no spot†areas and only receive a weak or no TV signal. .

Arqiva is providing households in these specific areas with a £ 50 Currys voucher which can be spent – in store or online – on an alternative way to receive free TV such as BBC or ITV. Users can choose from a range of TV streaming devices, such as the Roku Express HD streaming media player or the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite.

Letters with instructions on how to claim the Currys voucher are being sent out this week. Residents will then be required to enter their names, addresses and a unique voucher claim code. Any voucher funds remaining after purchasing a TV streaming device can be used by the owner.

Arqiva states that since these devices require WiFi and broadband, they will not provide a solution to all affected people in the specific areas receiving the letters. If so, households can call them on 0800 121 4828 to discuss how they can help.

Shuja Khan, Commercial Director of Arqiva, said:

“Although the temporary Bilsdale mast has restored television services to the vast majority of homes in the area, we know there are still people with no signal or with a partial signal. We continue to work around the clock to fill gaps in coverage with additional rounds. At the same time, however, today we are announcing the final stage of Project Restore. We will provide a voucher for those who have no signal so that they can purchase a TV streaming device through Currys. “


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