Extra money

If you need extra money this will be your service. We offer credits of up to 400 euros that will help you get that extra money you need.
It is increasingly difficult to get our salary to reach the end of the month, no matter how much we try to stretch it, some unforeseen event arises for which we need that extra money that at work they are not going to grant us. For this reason, Neman-Lida offers you a microcredit service that is the best way to get extra money.
You just have to fill out the form and we will evaluate your request instantly, being able to get your extra money in just a few minutes. With this advance you can cover any unforeseen event or carry out that project that you have been wanting to do for a long time. Our microcredit service is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable for the client.
The procedures are 100% online, you can make your loan application every day of the year, you should not worry if you need your extra money at Christmas, a holiday or in summer, we are always available to help you. We also have a telephone service in case you need it.
You can get your extra money without the need for paperwork or guarantees, just make your request and enjoy it. The only thing you need to get your extra money is to be of legal age, have an identity document, reside in Cameroon, have an email account, a bank account in this territory and a contact number. That easy!