Payroll money

If you have had an unforeseen event to deal with quickly or you have to make an unexpected gift or expense or you have simply run out of money during your vacation, it is best to ask for a loan and to obtain it the best option is where you can have your money without need to send any payroll.

With you can get that money you need without having to submit a payroll, forget about complicated procedures, all you have to do is indicate how much money you need, how long you want to return it, fill out our form and in a few minutes you will get your payroll money is not necessary for you to send.

The only thing you need to obtain your loan is to be of legal age, have an identity document, reside in Cameroon, have an email account, a bank account in this territory, a mobile contact and a bank card.

If what you need is payroll money, you will not need us.

You do not need any type of paperwork, or unnecessary information, you will not have to answer complicated questions. Nor will you waste time on the phone since our system is 100% online, presenting our clients with a fast and comfortable service.

If the end of the month has not yet come and your payroll money has run out, what you can do is request a payroll advance, ask for the money you need and in 10 minutes you will have an answer. It is a very simple process and that is why most of our clients repeat with us every time they need it.