How does it work

Up to € 400 in just 4 steps


Decide how much money you need and when to pay it back.


Fill out and submit the form, including your bank account.


We evaluate your request and inform you at the time of decision.


After approval and confirmation, you will have your money in 1 hour.

How do I repay the loan?

On the chosen date you have two options: make a deposit to the Neman-Lida bank account or, that we make a charge to the debit card that you have provided us. Choose the most comfortable for you. If you prefer the charge on the debit card you have to be aware that on that date there is a balance in your account to attend the payment.

How do you see easy, simple and ... fast? Do you want to try it?

What if you are already a customer ...?

You can request a new loan by entering the My account section, with your ID and Password. You only have to select the money you need and the date you want to return it.