Our commitment

Responsible financing

The services offered by Neman-Lida.com are focused on solving an occasional situation of lack of liquidity, attending a specific need as a consequence of an extraordinary expense or an unexpected outlay.

In this sense, we seek on the part of our clients a responsible use of this financing as it should not be used on a regular basis as a mechanism to cover the lack of liquidity continuously over time and all this for a double reason: its cost and its expiration in a few days.

Flexible financing

Unlike other sources of financing, our service allows you to adjust exactly the amount you need and for the required number of days. With this we do not force our clients to assume a certain minimum amount or to extend it for a long period of time that makes their return more expensive at maturity. In addition, we allow in a flexible way to advance the repayment if the client is able to do so before the agreed maturity, thereby reducing the cost of the service.

Short-term financing

The short-term return commitment with Neman-Lida.com forces our clients to have recurring income that allows them to pay off their debt in a few days. Unlike financing with a credit card or bank overdraft, our business is not to maintain an overdraft month after month and continue to extend the financing. Our model is to help clients by making the money they need available to them, when they need it and for the term they need. In this way, and if the client complies with us, next time we can help him again when he needs us.

Transparent service from the start

Our website automatically shows the total cost of our services, indicating its cost based on the amount requested and the chosen return period, showing it on the screen before the client requests the loan. Our services are quantified in a clear and transparent way and can only become more expensive if the client fails to comply with his return obligation upon expiration.

Credit risk

Neman-Lida.com offers its services, unlike other competitors, through an on-line and completely automated process without the need to send documentation, send faxes or phone calls. The sophisticated online application evaluation system allows you to analyze them and assess your credit risk in a few minutes, accepting only those that offer a high probability of meeting the amount owed when due.

We only want to lend to those people who can really pay their debt in a short time.Our application evaluation process allows us to periodically review the credit limit of our clients, based on their credit history and their personal and professional situation.