Afghanistan news LIVE – Horror video shows Afghans fall from PLANE after fleeing Taliban by clinging to wings on takeoff




Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told BBC Breakfast: “I and the Home Secretary have worked very hard to remove all the other obstacles, the bureaucratic obstacles that have stood in the way, such as the requirement to have Afghan passports, to ensure that if our people have passed our tests and our selection allows Afghans to enter.

“We are working to literally remove them as we speak, I spoke to him late last night and will speak to the Home Secretary later today to make sure we can speed this up. We all recognize, we all see what we see on TV, time is running out, every hour counts.

“Our flights, our planning and our entries and exits and soon, if we can manage to maintain them as we plan, we should have a capacity of over 1,000 people per day to leave the UK. Right now, it’s not about capacity in airplanes, it’s about processing speed, which is why we are trying to solve this problem. “

He added: “Our schedule that we originally planned, which was August 31, will be released. We will do our best to get everyone out, this is one of the biggest regrets about the rapid fall of the Afghan government, is that these timetables will undoubtedly have to be shortened and that is why we are moving additional resources to do so …

“If we can manage to keep the airport going based on how we set up our staff for delivery, I’m confident that by the end of the month we can get everyone out and hopefully earlier. There will be people who will be left behind, we have made it clear over the last few weeks, I am not going to raise expectations. “


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