Amazon launched eight global and local streaming services in India



This Friday, in order to increase user subscriptions in the Indian market, Amazon spear eight global and local streaming services on its video platform.

For this American technology company in India, competition from global and local competitors is increasingly fierce.

In a media interview ahead of the service’s launch, Gaurav Gandhi, director of Amazon India Prime Video, said Amazon Channel Service will help customers who have chosen Prime’s flagship loyalty program to subscribe to multiple services. streaming on a single interface.

Gandhi said, “We believe that in addition to solving customer issues… multiple applications, multiple connections… it also fixes a lot of things for our partners where they can benefit from the reach and ubiquitous distribution of Prime Video. “

Gandhi said Amazon Channel is launching media streaming services with a number of partners. They include Discovery, Lions Gate Entertainment, and Mubi. India is the company’s 12th country to launch a streaming service.

Gandhi declined to discuss specific details of revenue sharing with content partners. In addition, he declined to discuss other financial data from the service.

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Primary users still need to pay separately to subscribe to each streaming service. It is currently offered at a reduced price. For example, in India, the monthly fee for Mubi movie streaming app is 499 rupees (about US $ 6.77). But the Prime Video subscription fee is 1999 rupees ($ 27) per year.

Amazon conquers India

Uday Sodhi, former Head of Digital India, Sony Group Corp, said, “Amazon’s power as a content aggregator and as a destination is improving. “

“This is great for Amazon because they will understand consumer behavior even better… from the consumption of other applications. And all this will help them to significantly increase their activity.

With a population of 1.3 billion, India is the second most populous country in the world and a significant growth market for Amazon and its global competitors Netflix and Walt Disney.

Currently, Prime Video’s rival Disney + Hotstar owns the broadcast rights to Bollywood movies, a series of TV shows, and India’s most popular cricket league. At the same time, Netflix has put a lot of emphasis on local original content.

Not so long ago, the Indian Zee and the Japanese Sony Group Corp. in the local subsidiary announced a merger. It will also create a TV giant that will challenge Prime Video and other companies in the market.

Currently, Amazon is investing heavily in acquiring and producing local content in India. Its founder Jeff Bezos said last year that Prime Video has done a good job globally. He also added that in India they have done their best. Of course, Amazon doesn’t list the specific number of users per country.


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