Atlus Reveals Streaming and Video Content Guidelines for “Persona 5 Royal” Cross-Platform Ports

With the next port of Persona 5 Royal To non-Playstation consoles, Atlus has released a set of guidelines players should follow to stream the popular JRPG – and thankfully they’re a bit more relaxed than those released alongside the original version of the game.

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

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Atlus republished said guidelines on October 13 in a blog post published on their official website.

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

Opening with a brief summary of their rules, Atlus laid out the basics of their claims, starting with the “basic rule [that] streaming and gameplay of Persona 5 Royal will be allowed once the game is officially available in your region.

“Since Persona 5 Royal is a worldwide release, we ask players to include a spoiler warning in their video titles or descriptions, so that all users can enjoy the story at their own pace,” they add. “Please respect your fellow players and be careful about the content you post.”

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

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Additionally, Atlus is asking players to “refrain from posting” the game’s ending segment, “uploading background music tracks or streaming for the specific purpose of distributing in-game music”, and to provide , and parent company SEGA, appropriate copyright attribution in any published site. contents.

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

In addition to these requests, Atlus’ guidelines also include a number of “precautions” that players should take when using any sequence of P5R in their own content.

These include refraining from “re-recording or distributing another user’s playback video”, “distributing the [game’s] music data” and “requiring compensation to watch recorded/live streamed content”.

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

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Atlus also asks streamers “not to slander any third-party users or organizations during videos or livestreams. [featuring P5R]nor do you “engage in any illegal or unlawful activity, or any activity that may be considered inappropriate for the public.”

Content prohibited by this latest request includes “Any act that compromises the security or intended functions of any product or service provided by the Company” and “Tools and services that enable cheating, hacking, inappropriate access and modification , as well as bypassing restrictions placed on the backend side.

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

The publisher then states that “If the company contacts you directly, be sure to immediately make the video in question unavailable to the public.”

“There may be instances where the company deems certain videos/livestreams to be inappropriate, in such instances we ask for your cooperation and understanding when requesting the removal of such videos,” they continue.

However, in an ominous aside, Atlus also notes that “there may also be instances where we are unfortunately not free to disclose the specific details as to why a certain withdrawal request needs to be issued.”

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

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Finally, Atlus clarifies that they “do not warrant that posting or recording of any Video/Live Stream will not infringe the copyrights of any third party person or organization.”

“Any legal disputes that arise as a result of videos or live streams involving our content should be handled directly between the uploader and the third party person or organization,” they detail. “The Company will not financially compensate anyone for losses incurred in any such litigation.”

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

As noted above, these streaming guidelines for P5R, although still quite restrictive, pale in comparison to those released for the basic version of personas 5 in 2017.

Those original rules prohibited players from doing things like streaming past July in-game, uploading related videos longer than 90 minutes, and posting “major spoilers.”

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

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Confusingly, the publisher provided few concrete rules for this last point, instead asking players to rely on “your good judgment”.

Overall, although these new P5R The guidelines are more relaxed compared to its predecessor, it’s still strange to see these rules put in place for a worldwide phenomenon of a game whose main plot has been running for six years.

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

An updated version of the base game that adds more story and gameplay content to the original experience, Staff 5 Royal was originally released for the PlayStation 4 in 2020, before being revealed as an upcoming addition to the ever-growing lineup of Xbox Game Pass titles available on Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

Prepared for a re-release on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles on October 21, Persona 5 Royal will be the first of three Character titles are expected to receive more widespread ports in the coming months, with Persona 3 Portable and persona 4 golden get their respective reissues early next year.

Source: Persona 5 Royal (2020), Atlus

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