Disguised Toast Banned From Twitch After Streaming Death Note Anime

Popular Variety Streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang Banned From Twitch After Watching The Anime Death threat on Stream. The ban fell on Monday evening.

While the reason for the ban is not officially confirmed, it is likely a DMCA copyright strike inflicted on Twitch by the anime rights holders. The ban appears to be similar to that issued for Imane “Pokimane” Anys Friday evening. Anys, who broadcasts for Offline TV, the same broadcast group as Wang, received a DMCA complaint during the broadcast Avatar: The Last Airbender and was also banned live.

However, Anys’ punishment was not too harsh. His channel’s suspension only lasted 48 hours, according to his tweets, before it was put back online. Anys then broadcast a live 12-hour stream on Monday morning, the day after her account was recovered, and averaged around 27,000 viewers for most of the stream. Based on the figures of Twitchtracker, that’s about 6,000 more than last month’s average.

While the situations certainly seem similar, it’s still not clear if Wang’s Channel will be back in the same time frame as Anys’ Channel. Wang himself didn’t make an official comment on the ban, but tweeted, “They really couldn’t have waited another 20 minutes, eh?”

Over the past few months, many Twitch streamers have watched and reacted to copyrighted content in what streamers call “meta TV.” While this meta drew in many streamers, an impressive number of viewers, the threat of DMCA strikes from the shows’ original owners was still looming. And with a second ban, it looks like more could be on the way if streamers continue to stream various copyrighted content.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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