Game Jolt, the social media for Gen Z gamers launches multi-streaming

The Game Jolt x PlusMusic Concert Series streams free virtual concerts live on the last Friday of each month.

Game Jolt, social community for gamers and creators, introduces customizable live streaming features with concerts and other interactive virtual events.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, August 22, 2022 / — jerk game announced its live streaming feature that offers a user-friendly, interactive and versatile alternative to typical streaming services, along with customizable streaming setups, creative options for audience engagement, and built-in moderation tools. The social community for gamers and creators began showcasing it through a diverse range of virtual events, from conferences to game streams and concerts.

Live streaming on Game Jolt creates an inviting pop-up virtual event space with a playful “choose your own adventure” feel and settings that can be customized to fine-tune the experience based on individual and brand preferences . Hosts can stream with unlimited people and offer multiple viewpoints for viewers to choose from. Audiences can choose how they prefer to interact with creative options in addition to standard features such as gifs, voice and text chat. A crowd favorite, virtual “stickers” with humorous images are collected and slapped across the screen during real-time streams for all to enjoy.

These customizable features are in high demand by the next generation of creators emerging on the platform. To date, Game Jolt users have watched over 12,176,039 minutes of live streams.

To show how these features can be used to highlight and create new opportunities for digital creators, Game Jolt has partnered with ai music platform, PlusMusic, to host a virtual concert series on the last Friday of each month. In addition to featuring signed artists, Game Jolt actively recruits up-and-coming musicians from their own platform to add to the lineup.

“We are seeing a demand for more flexibility in how people engage and grow their online communities. While existing streaming platforms are designed to support one person for one audience, we’re building a way for creators to engage, follow each other and grow together.” said Yaprak DeCarmine, CEO of Game Jolt.

Live concerts are Game Jolt’s latest announcement as another high-profile use of the feature, following a conference-style event, “Girls in Games,” in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for games. Nearly 10,000 viewers tuned in during the stream to receive live mentorship from executive speakers from Electronic Arts, Netflix, Warner Bros. and Sony. Game Jolt drives innovation for authentic engagement on social platforms through collaborations with brands as well as individual creators and can be reached for potential event partnerships at [email protected]

About Game Jolt:

Game Jolt is revolutionizing social media for Gen Z gamers with an engaging and entertaining platform that changes the way they share content and build community. Along with offering image, video and live stream sharing, platform events and mini-games are designed and showcased for the millions of gamers and unique creators who call Game Jolt their home online.

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