Globecast gives Omnilive a unique live streaming user experience



Omnilive has officially partnered with global media solutions provider Globecast to deliver cross-platform, multi-angle live streaming anywhere, anytime and on any platform or device.

Omnilive is a multi-source, zero-latency live video streaming solution that empowers its customers to take a different and more engaging approach to streaming content creation. The Omnilive Software-as-as-Service platform provides multimedia content and multi-camera viewpoints and allows viewers to dynamically choose their viewing experience. Omnilive offers unique technology with easy micro-service integration and, combined with Globecast’s renowned level of technical expertise in reliable and agile complex transport situations, this creates a powerful partnership in the live streaming space.

Omnilive’s multi-camera, multi-angle streaming technology offers online viewers a unique experience and, when paired with HLS transcoding and redistribution via Globecast’s CDN services, it guarantees unlimited international streaming and public engagement. This represents a full integrated service offered by both companies and the partnership also allows customers to better understand their audience and their behavior through the collection of metadata. Thanks to this multi-camera and multi-angle technology, the user experience becomes more interactive and engaging.

“We are delighted to have worked with Omnilive on this festival and now more broadly to offer users a unique experience for cultural events and beyond,” says Yann Madeleine, Sales Director at Globecast. “This jazz festival project was far from an experiment, it has now become a service we offer, and we are proud to have once again proven our reliability and responsiveness when it comes to live content.”

This partnership was already put to the test last July with the implementation of an augmented hybrid livestream (with on-site and digital audiences) at the Vienna Jazz Festival in multi-cameras and multi-angles of broadcast.

“Working with Globecast is the obvious choice to ensure a top-quality viewing experience with all-important reliability,†says Omnilive CEO Cyril Zajac. “Having this level of partnership with Globecast is something startups like ours greatly appreciate! Globecast has shown great agility and this has allowed us to tailor our platform precisely to the needs of our customers.


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