How PS Now could be better than Xbox Game Pass


Xbox Game Pass is still a better gaming service than PlayStation Now, but the real competition starts with PS Now by at least copying the Game Pass offerings.

While streaming continues to be the dominant form of consumption for film and television, games have also moved in this direction with services such as PlayStation Now; Yet while Sony’s service allows subscribers to stream games to their PS4, PS5, or PC, it does not appear to be a dominant force in the industry compared to Microsoft. Xbox Game Pass. The two platforms offer slightly different products, but PlayStation Now could become a legitimate Game Pass competitor with a few big changes.

As it stands, PS Now is primarily a streaming platform. Users can stream PlayStation 2, 3, and 4 games to a PS5 or PC for $ 10 per month (although the monthly price can be halved if a year is purchased in bulk). PlayStation Now is constantly adding big games to its library – like TLOU2 and Fallout 76 in October 2021 – but their performance is of course largely dependent on a reliable internet connection. The very nature of game streaming makes it difficult to play multiplayer games, and even single player titles are subject to input lag due to latency. PS2 and PS4 games can be downloaded, but only on the PS4 and PS5 platforms, leaving PC as a streaming option only.

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Xbox Game Pass also costs $ 10 per month, but that only gives subscribers access to only one platform – Xbox or PC. The much better deal is Game Pass Ultimate for $ 15 per month, which includes both supported platforms and comes with Xbox Live Gold and EA Play. Xbox Game Pass will soon do everything PS Now can do, with the rise of Xbox Cloud Gaming, but it also has many other benefits. Game Pass titles are downloadable, which means they don’t need to be streamed, and every upcoming owner exclusive will be available on the first day of service.

PS must now at least match Xbox Game Pass

PS is now a worthy competitor of Xbox Game Pass

A big step forward in making PS Now more competitive with Game Pass is to make games downloadable across the board. For many, streaming games are simply not viable, and the limitation on PC-only streaming prevents multiplayer games from adding to the value of the service. Another important step would be to mimic the delivery of proprietary titles by Xbox on launch day. The Last of Us Part II just added to PS Now over a year after its release. Given the strength of these exclusives, access to service from day one would be a huge feather in its proverbial cap. Another area for improvement is the lack of PlayStation 5 games on PS Now. Any longtime PlayStation customer who now owns a PS5 probably won’t need PS Now, as none of the games from the new system are there.

The current price of PlayStation Now is quite reasonable, especially if more than a month is bought, but Sony would do well to include PlayStation Plus in the same way that Microsoft includes Xbox Live Gold with Game Pass Ultimate. Anyone who buys an Xbox can get their new console, subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate for the first month for just $ 1, and have a huge selection of proprietary games to play (and download) right away. That much, Xbox Game Pass is such a good deal, it’s almost a necessity for those in the Microsoft ecosystem. Playstation now is simply an option for those who are able to stream and want to catch up on older titles, but the above enhancements, especially Day 1 exclusives in Sony’s strong stable, combined with a lower price tag than that of its competitors, could give it enough of an advantage to become a real competitor.

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