How to find the best deals this Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest business events of the year, and the number of deals on offer is already staggering. So, with just over a week to go, how can you cut the noise and find the best deals? Our experts have scoured the web and spoken to retailers for the best advice and the best Black Friday deals.

Each year, the Black Friday sales seem to start earlier and earlier. We’ve already seen plenty of discounts at AO, Currys, Amazon, and a whole range of retailers. With so many sales and presales going on simultaneously, it can be very difficult to keep up with all of the best deals on offer. Our team updates our selection of Black Friday pages daily, and in this post, we pass on all the deal research tips and knowledge we’ve gathered along the way.

The excitement doesn’t end after Black Friday either, with offers continuing through Cyber ​​Monday 2021 and possibly beyond. For some of the latest deals, check out our John Lewis Black Friday and Amazon Black Friday deals pages.

How to save on Black Friday

Use price comparison tools is one of the most underrated tools in any chord hunter arsenal.

The site offers a plug-in that, when downloaded and used in your browser, offers up-to-date price tracking on any product on Amazon.

The images below show a good example of how useful this plug-in is. This example takes the Amazon page of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G with 128GB of storage. Currently, it’s priced at £ 419.99.

Tapping on the little camel icon – which appears at the end of your search bar after installing the plug-in – will open the window shown below. This window displays the current price, the highest price, and the lowest price the product has been sold at on Amazon. There is also a handy chart that helps you visualize if the current price is right.

So why is this useful? As you can see below, the main Amazon product page shows the current price and suggests that it has been reduced from £ 709.97. However, a quick glance at the Camelizer chart shows that the phone hasn’t been at this price for quite some time. It also shows us that the phone was cheaper in October than it is today, suggesting that a better price will likely be available in the near future.

Do your research

Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert, places great importance on your research before Black Friday begins.

He said, “If you’ve got your eye on something, check the prices NOW. Then when it comes to Black Friday, you’ll find out if the “discounts” are really cheaper. Check the prices at the retailer you are considering buying from and do a broader price comparison.

Martin Lewis (Getty)

Martin Lewis (Getty)

Set budgets and be reasonable

While there are plenty of great deals available online and in stores during Black Friday, it’s important to keep a cool head and avoid getting over-excited and spending too much money.

89% of shoppers are stressed about Black Friday and 24% regretted buying something on Black Friday, according to figures from price comparison site Idealo. It just goes to show how important it is to stay in control of your spending and not get carried away by the momentum of the flow of Black Friday deals.

If you have certain products in mind, it’s worth setting clear budgets that you won’t exceed. This will give you clear rules with your spending and ensure that you are responsible during the Black Friday rush, rather than being left with buyer’s remorse. TVs, phones and PlayStations were the items most often missed.

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The best Black Friday deals available today

There is already a huge selection of offers for Black Friday, and they are listed on the linked pages below, broken down by categories, products and brands. Take a look at these for more inspiration, or check out the deals below for some of the best buys we’ve seen so far.

Nintendo Switch Phone Bundle

What is the problem: This attractive Black Friday pack sees the Oppo Find X3 Lite paired with Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console – the Nintendo Switch. Starting at just £ 25 per month (2GB of phone data) for the plan, this is a snappy deal. For £ 30 per month you’ll get 100GB of data, and for £ 35 you’ll get unlimited data.

Why we chose it: The recent Switch refresh – the Nintendo Switch OLED – reminded us of just how versatile and fun the Switch is. For more on Nintendo Switch games, take a look at our full Nintendo Switch OLED review.

nintendo switch

Google Pixel 6 (10 GB and more plans) with Xbox Series S and 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | from £ 45 per month and £ 30 upfront

Google Pixel 6 Black Friday Offer

What’s in it: Take along the new Google Pixel 6, an Xbox Series S, three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, 10GB (5G) of data and unlimited texts and minutes for £ 45 a month and £ 30 in advance.

Why we chose it: Technically, it’s not even a Black Friday deal, but it’s one of the best bundle phone deals we’ve seen in a very long time. A new phone and a new console at the same time.

Roku Express | £ 29 £ 13.99 (Save £ 15.01 or 52%)

Roku streaming stick offer

What is the problem: Get £ 16 off Roku’s most affordable streaming player. With a suggested retail price of £ 29.99, the Roku Express is now only £ 13.99.

Why we chose it: Featured on our best streaming stick guide, the Roku Express is an affordable way to get HD streaming of smart TV apps like Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video on an old TV. This is the lowest price we’ve seen the streaming stick sold for.

Learn more about Black Friday

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