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  • Red leaves his hero’s party to lead a peaceful life
  • “Banished From The Heroes’ Party” Episode 1 airs Wednesday
  • The episode will air on Funimation

In a distant land forgotten by the rest of the world, a downcast hero, expelled from his adventure group, begins his life anew. “Banned from Hero’s Day, I Decided to Live a Quiet Country Life” Episode 1 introduces Red who is a D-rank adventurer now ready to lead a peaceful life.

The official website published the synopsis and spoiler footage from “Banned from Heroes’ Day I Decided to Live a Quiet Country Life” episode 1.

Red is an adventurer from the remote land of Zoltan. He’s used to being banned from the group of adventurers, as his team members think he’s not a true companion.

Meanwhile, Red’s friend’s nephew named Tanta develops a serious illness. Besides being an adventurer, Red is also interested in herbs. And one day he wants to open his own herbal store.

The official trailer for “Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside” shows Red accepting that he’s not meant to be a fighter and should lead a quiet life.

Red meets Rit who is a B-rank adventurer. Rit visits Red’s pharmacy and decides to stay with him and help him. Now Red and Rit will explore peaceful village life in this slice of life. anime.

“Unable to rejoin the fighting on the front lines, the Red hero is cut off and kicked out of his group of adventurers by the leadership .’… Dude, it was tough for a while there.” Red has no idea of ​​the panic caused by his sudden absence. He is enthusiastically working on opening his own little herb shop nearby. “Do you think I could work here too?” Accommodation provided, of course! ‘ Suddenly a former companion and a princess are at home ?! A fun little herb business! A flirtatious family life with a tomboy princess! The wonderful new life of this dissatisfied hero is about to begin! read the official series synopsis.

Fans can watch “Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside” Episode 1 online on Funimation Wednesday. The episode will be broadcast live in Japanese with English subtitles.

Banned from heroes’ day, I decided to live a quiet life in the country Photo: V ア ニ メ 「真 の 仲 間」 official Twitter account

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