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End-to-end competitive gaming offering, designed for betting, with integrity at the heart of the offering, to deliver superior margins

SIS (Sports Information Services), the leading multi-channel provider of 24/7 live betting services, has officially launched its comprehensive 24/7 esports betting product Counter Strike (CS:GO), designed specifically for sports betting, as part of its best-in-class competitive gaming portfolio.

Created entirely from SIS’s secure stand-alone game studios in Manchester, UK, the CS:GO offering provides sportsbooks with a high-integrity, high-frequency esports product featuring head-to-head competitions. head between skilled players competing on the most popular games in the world. sports title.

Delivered on two 24/7 streams, operators signing up for the service will have access to 25,000 initial CS:GO events per year. The “event” competitive gaming product has been specifically designed for betting and will offer higher margins to operators, as is the case with SIS’ existing sports simulation products.

SIS monitors and monitors each of its bespoke CS:GO 2v2 contests to ensure the highest levels of integrity and ultra-competitive action. It is the only offer on the market that has (visible) referees who have undergone training based on the ESIC, monitoring every match, with real-time communication with operators and traders.

The new CS:GO product offers a wide range of pre-match and in-game betting markets and provides operators with an end-to-end ultra-low latency live streaming solution, supported with onscreen graphics. screen with unique betting prompts such as form, player stats and results, and live pitcher commentary. Odds and trading support are provided in partnership with sports betting solutions specialist Oddin.gg.

Operators can access SIS Competitive Gaming through a simple integration, and the addition of 24/7 CS:GO betting events complements the existing competitive gaming offering of Esoccer and Ebasketball, bringing the number of events offered to more than 150,000 per year.

Adam Conway, head of competitive games at SIS, said, “We are very pleased to announce the launch of our 24/7 CS:GO esports product, which has been designed for betting and provides a product of high quality, high integrity and premier order that offers one-the-clock betting opportunities for the most popular esports title in the world.

“We are confident that our superior CS:GO product will help deliver superior margins to our operator partners, as had been the case with our existing sports simulation titles.”

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