Is the horror film Umma streaming on Netflix or Prime Video?

The film X by Ti West isn’t the only horror film playing this weekend! The weekend of March 18 is for horror fanatics, like Sandra Oh’s horror film Ouma also now playing in theaters. But if you’re not ready to go to the movies because of security concerns, we completely understand! Ouma will eventually be available for streaming, you just have to be a little patient. When it finds a streaming home, will it be Netflix, Hulu, or another platform?

If you ask me, horror movies are meant to be enjoyed on the big screen. Movie theater truly provide the best experience for any movie, but horror movies, in particular, should be seen in theaters for the spookiest experience. Yet we know that not everyone is ready to go to the movies. Many movie buffs still prefer to watch new features from the safety of their own home. If this is you, we’re here to help!

Will the horror film Umma be broadcast on Netflix or Prime Video?

As of this writing, the horror movie Ouma is a cinema exclusive. That means you’ll have to watch it on the big screen. But movies these days get a Early VOD release rather than later, so I’m sure Ouma will be available on VOD by the end of spring. After that, where will he live?

Ouma is from Sony Pictures, and most of those films end up calling Hulu their streaming home. sony Little woman and Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood are on Hulu, for example. However, not all Sony movies go on Hulu, especially lately! Hotel Transylvania 4 is streaming on Prime Video, and the latest from Sony, Spider-Man: No Coming Home, will soon be available on Starz. Needless to say, Sony Pictures movies are unpredictable!

Are you going to watch Ouma in theaters or awaiting a streaming release? If it’s the latter, we’ll update this post as soon as we know where you can find the movie!

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