Johnny Depp trial live: Amber Heard ends defense case as Kate Moss set to testify this week

Warner Bros Executive Says Heard and Momoa Had “No Chemistry” on Aquaman Set

WARNING: This live blog contains allegations of physical and sexual abuse that some readers may find distressing.

Amber Heard’s legal team has closed her defense in the defamation lawsuit brought against her by her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50 million for suggesting he abused her in 2018 Washington Post editorial. Although she did not name him, he says her allegations have impacted his ability to work. She is pursuing a $100 million counterclaim, a motion to dismiss of which was denied by Judge Penney Azcarate.

On Tuesday, Depp’s rebuttal witnesses testified against expert witness testimony presented for Heard’s defense regarding his alleged loss of income and sanity. Another account of the Hicksville Trailer Palace incident in 2013 was also heard in court and a former friend of Heard’s sister said she thought it was ‘something very wrong’ to support the allegations against Depp.

Supermodel and Depp-ex Kate Moss will testify on Wednesday about her relationship with the actor in the 1990s.

Oral arguments are scheduled for Friday.


Depp’s witness was allowed to testify despite calling Heard ‘jealous and crazy’ on Twitter

A witness to Johnny Depp’s rebuttal was allowed to testify despite calling Amber Heard “jealous and crazy” in a tweet posted during the couple’s defamation trial.

Mr. Depp’s team on Tuesday called Morgan Night, who worked at the Hicksville trailer park that Ms. Heard, Mr. Depp and their friends visited in May 2013. During that trip, Ms. Heard alleges that Mr. Depp ransacked their trailer before performing a “cavity search” on her.

Before M. Night took the stand, Judge Penney Azcarate sent the jury out so they could be questioned about what they had seen of the trial before learning he would be a witness.

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Explainer: What are the ‘Waldman statements’ at the center of Heard’s countersuit

Johnny Depp’s attempt to dismiss Amber Heard’s counter-suit against him was dismissed on Tuesday as the couple’s defamation lawsuit in their original lawsuit drew to a close.

Ms. Heard’s $100million countersuit centers on her claim that Mr. Depp defamed her in multiple statements to the press via his attorney Adam Waldman after he published the 2018 op-ed at the heart of the prosecution of Mr. Depp.

In the statements, Mr Waldman called Ms Heard’s domestic abuse allegations a “hoax” and an “ambush” orchestrated by the Aquaman actor and his friends.

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Heard’s role in Aquaman unaffected by Depp’s allegations, says Warner Bros exec

Depp’s team began their rebuttal today (May 24) with a video deposition from Walter Hamada, head of DC-based films.

In Hamada’s deposition, he confirmed that Heard had an option deal with Warner Bros. to play the role of Mera in the Aquaman franchise.

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Depp loses bid to dismiss Heard counterclaim

Judge Penney Azcarate denied Johnny Depp’s motion to dismiss Amber Heard’s counterclaim, ruling the matter should be decided by the jury.

The counterclaim alleges that Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, defamed Heard and harmed his career when he accused her and her friends of perpetrating an “abuse hoax.” Heard’s party closed its case Tuesday morning, prompting Depp’s team to file the routine motion to dismiss the claim.

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Depp laughs and covers his face during heated psychiatrist cross-examination

Johnny Depp appeared unable to contain his emotions during a heated cross-examination by a psychiatrist called by Amber Heard’s defense team.

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Voice: I feel for Depp and Heard – I know what it’s like to watch the public decide you’re guilty

“I am still struggling with the psychological trauma of the public shame I suffered,” writes Amanda Knox.

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Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Zendaya: Depp’s lawyer pushes back on comparison of Amber Heard expert with other stars

“When you look at the time frame that Waldman’s statements came out [in 2020]and you look at what was happening in Ms. Heard’s career before the statement and what happened after the statement, it’s very clear to make that correlation,” Ms. Arnold said in court on Monday, May 23.

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Jason Momoa fought to keep Amber Heard in Aquaman 2, agent claims

A witness for Amber Heard said the actor Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa was “adamant” she would reprise her role in the film’s sequel.

Entertainment industry expert Kathryn Arnold was called to the stand on Monday (May 23) to testify on Heard’s behalf in the multi-million dollar libel lawsuit – brought against the actor by her ex-husband Johnny Depp – which is currently underway at Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse.

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Depp fans unleash hundreds of negative reviews on psychiatrist after testifying for Heard

Johnny Depp fans have flooded a psychiatrist with negative reviews after he testified on behalf of Amber Heard at the couple’s defamation trial.

Dr David Spiegel took the witness stand on Monday and gave damning testimony about Mr Depp’s mental state, saying he exhibited “behaviours consistent with someone who has both a to the use of substances as well as the behaviors of a person who is the author of an intimate relationship with a violent partner”.

Shortly after, a torrent of negative reviews appeared on Dr. Spiegel’s page on the WebMD medical website.

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What happens next in Johnny Depp’s libel lawsuit against Amber Heard?

Divorced Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are nearing the end of their acrimonious defamation lawsuit in Virginia, which has made headlines around the world for the past six weeks and has seen fans closely follow the proceedings on TikTok and Instagram and treating the case like a spectator sport, micro-analyzing the evidence and encouraging their favorite side.

So what happens next? Joe Sommerlad reports:

Olivier O’ConnellMay 24, 2022 11:00 p.m.

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