Learn to Fly Fish – Episode 4: Where the Fish Live (VIDEO)

To catch fish, you must place your fly where the fish will see it. This means learning a bit more about where the fish live and their behaviors.

Many fly anglers will tell you that one of the reasons they enjoy fly fishing is that they learn so much about the fish they are catching. Each species of fish has its own particular needs, but two stand out for all fish: cover and food. Areas that provide abundant food near shelters where fish can disappear are places to look for fish.

“Trout are lazy predators,” said Fish and Game wildlife educator Adare Evans. “They hang out in slow currents near faster currents that bring them food. Learning to “read” a river for patterns and changes in currents will help fly anglers place flies where fish are likely to be. »

In this video we will explain where and why certain areas are attractive to fish and some differences between trout and bass.

This is the fourth weekly episode of a five-part “Learn to Fly Fish” video series.

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