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Joe Root fell 11 short of his first Test 100 in Australia as England lost 8 for 77 in the morning session.

Done & Dusted: Victory by 9 wickets. Australia goes 1-0

It is not a flawless chase race as one might have hoped. Robinson gets Carey to deny Australia the right to brag about a 10-wicket win. But Australia took a 1-0 lead and finished those 20 points in 5.1 overs. Such an anti-climax after the English resistance last night.

Australia have found their way back to victory at Gabba. It was almost a complete performance for them. It started on Open Day when England folded for 147. Travis Head then used a platform set by Warner and Labuschagne to shatter an exciting century. The Australian bowlers also held up well this morning and did not give in to pressure from the Root-Malan stand yesterday. Overall tons of positives for the hosts.

That brings us to the end of this live blog. Follow Cricbuzz for all the reaction stories in this game. Until Adelaide, it’s goodbye. Ciao!

Carey opens her doors as Warner heals her bruised ribs

What a day for Australia and what a test for @WestEndRedbacks. Travis Head with one of #Ashes’ big shots, Alex Carey with 8 catches and a promotion to open the stick and Henry Hunt on the pitch for Nathan Lyon’s 400th try wicket

02:47 & nbsp ?? Dec 12 2021

England fell back for 297; Australia need 20 to win

They will apply the finishes of this victory after a nice lunch break. Cameron Green gets the final wicket as Woakes pulls back to play the top cup, but only gloves it for goalie Carey for his 8th catch of the game (fifth in this set). England lost 8 for 77 this morning after promising so much yesterday.

The problem for England is when they have a bad session they have Test Match losing sessions with the Bat. It has been happening for too long against the best teams. #Ashes

02:06 & nbsp ?? Dec 12 2021

A word about Cam Green too much! Two wickets of 12 on this round, including the big one from Joe Root. As the fifth pitcher in a five-game series, he has a big role to play. He’s looking for it!

Lyon has four; England in the lead

England sneak into the lead, but having beaten Australia again is about the end of the good news. It was an unforgettable session for the visitors. Ollie Robinson attempts a reverse sweep and finds the man in the back point.

Mark Wood is then upset with a stolen delivery that ends up being a half volley but slips under his bat to hit the stump. What a session.

One wicket for Hazlewood now as Buttler kicks off

Chaotic morning for England after all the fight yesterday. Hazlewood, who barely bowled yesterday, is also in the wickets as he stabs Buttler on the sixth line. England are still lagging behind by 10. They will surely beat Australia again? Who would have thought that there would be an element of doubt there!

It is also the 7th Test Match capture for rookie goaltender Alex Carey.

Cummins gets Stokes

England slide further while still being late. For the second time in this test, Pat Cummins squares the English talisman to a tilted ball in his body. The edge is caught this time at Gully by Cam Green. Superb morning for Australia, still in the lead of 12.

All of Cummins’ calls today have paid off. Bowling Lyon and Green early and now in its first comeback for a new spell!

More technical problems at Gabba

The Channel 7 show fell. This after no follow-up without a ball by the third referee and Real Time Snicko. Ouch.

Quick update on procedures though. Australia took the second ball and threw it at Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood!Buttler and Stokes formed a mini partnership and the deficit fell to 22.

. @ CricketAus confirms that there is a power issue in Gabba affecting broadcast around the world. I hope to be back as soon as possible! Tune into the ABC radio stream in our match center for commentary from the ground #Ashes

00:36 ?? Dec 12 2021

No.401 is Ollie Pope

Like these London buses, Lyon has two after this long wait. All of her might – turn from the outside, bounce – in play as Pope returns to cut. It’s cramped for the room and undone by the bounce and gloves to slide first.

We have talked a lot about Nathan Lyon playing too straight on the right-handed. The benefits of the wider line were shown in this Pope wicket – the width caught the shot, then the big turn (4.7 degrees) and rebound (more than any other delivery from Lyon) caught the advantage. #Ashes

00:09 & nbsp ?? Dec 12 2021

England hit hard as Green gets Root

Wow, the two well-tuned night doughs are gone. That’s the beauty of trial cricket. You can be batting over 80 but you have to start over at the start of each session. Cam Green is the fifth bowler, but may have been bred to No.4 with Hazlewood carrying some sort of problem. Bowls a good length ball which also shapes a touch. Root reaches out and gives the goalie a slight gash. Let’s go for 89!

Cummins’ smart bowling change, who only played two rounds to start the day before bringing in Green.

It was a very good retort from Root and Malan, but just as good for the two least influential Aussie bowlers so far, Lyon and Green, to take care of them. #Ashes

23:59 ?? Dec 12 2021

No 400!

No 400!

Wicket and it is n ° 400 for Lyon

The milestones window is huge, and it ends the wonderful partnership at the start of day four. The silly outfielder he placed this morning does the trick. Malan comes out, is not on the ground and inside the edges one on his pads for a simple close hold. Malan left for 82. The partnership ends on 162. England lag behind by 55. Here is Ben Stokes!

Warn 708; McGrath 563; Lyon 400 *

The wait makes it sweeter …?

Longest wait times to go from 399 to 400 Test wickets Same test for 13 Bowlers 4 days – James Anderson 7 days – Dale Steyn 76 days – Stuart Broad 326 days – NATHAN LYON @CricketAus #AUSvENG

23:46 ?? Dec 12 2021

Prelude – Day 4

How do you like your test matches? Is this one still up there. After the events of the first two days we may not have had a Day 4 to speak of and then yesterday at Gabba Joe Root and Dawid Malan rolled up their sleeves to fight and they did it. After being rolled over for 147 all-out, then hit at a rate of 278, the 159 * partnership helped England get back on track!

Now visitors are lagging behind by 58 which is still substantial because as the old saying goes, ‘add two wickets to the current score and tell us’.

It’s up to Root and Malan to knock those leads down first, then work their way through until the final day’s showdown is in place. It is all getting way too far ahead of ourselves. They have individual milestones looming. Malan’s only one hundred tests arrived here in Australia, in Perth in 2017. Root doesn’t have a ton of tests in Australia. So yes, big day!

Here is also another dizzying day of Test cricket. Welcome !


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