Media Executives Explain How Advertisers Are Adapting to Changing TV Industry



Executives from Facebook, ViacomCBS and The Trade Desk joined Heidi Chung, media analyst and correspondent for Variety Intelligence platform, in the Variety Streaming room presented by The Trade Desk to discuss how advertisers are focusing on connected TV to reach growing streaming audiences and adapt to a rapidly changing landscape.

Panelists included Taylor Wynne, digital head of media investments at Facebook, John Halley, COO of ad revenue at ViacomCBS, and Jed Dederick, senior vice president of global customer development at The Trade Desk.

“The Trade Desk has been investing in connected TV for years and sees the benefits that could benefit everyone – advertisers, consumers and networks,†said Dederick. “What we saw was, in an obviously very, very difficult year, an opportunity to take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior and really improve the ad experience and ROI for everyone. world.”

Speaking about how smart TV can be a more effective avenue than traditional methods, Wynne said Facebook’s goal is simply to present itself to the users they want to reach, which may be easier to reach. follow via CTV.

“What’s great about diversifying this space is that there are now more places to do it in a little more measurable way,†said Wynne.

Halley noted the amount of ad-supported television that has been replaced by ad-free television, also saying the decline in the supply of long-form content facilitates the need for specialized methods to reach consumers.

“We are seeing a real tightening of supply, which is creating an imperative for things like unified identification and using more efficient data and routes to meet targeted consumers,†said Halley.


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