Meghan’s snub to Kate sets social media on fire

Once again the Twittersphere has been divided over the dynamics of the Royal Family during Jubilee celebrations – this time after an observer noted that during the service marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Duchess of Sussex seemed to turn her head away as a sister-in-law. appeared in her peripheral vision as she made her way to her seat at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

At the service to honor Her Majesty’s 70 years of service, many royal fans kept a close eye on William and Harry’s wives – and couldn’t help but agree with the observer who has pointed out on social media what she called an “obvious” snub from Kate as she arrived for the ceremony.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had returned to the UK from their Los Angeles home for Platinum Jubilee celebrations in their first public appearance with the Cambridges since leaving these shores. Although the Duchesses never met at Friday’s Thanksgiving service, an eagle-eyed fan called Kitty pointed out that Meghan could be seen turning her head away from the Duchess of Cambridge in an apparent refusal to even look at her.

Twitter user’s screenshot of when Meghan apparently turned away from Kate

Royal fan Kitty shared the BBC footage of the moment the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge entered the cathedral on her Twitter account. Captioning the clip, she wrote: ‘Did everyone notice the woman in the white hat (Meghan) turned her head to the left as the Duchess of Cambridge walked past…’ Other royal watchers said quickly agreed, with many saying they had also noticed this.

One wrote, “It’s very obvious,” while another said, “Wow, it’s obvious when you see it.” A third said: “First place! She definitely turned away!”

But others criticized the attacks on Harry’s American wife. One angry commenter wrote: “What a load of BS. Leave the Sussexes alone. They both looked very comfortable. It was W & C who were uncomfortable and it showed. Jealousy is a curse.” And another observed: “What a negative BS this is. Enough pictures of H laughing with his cousins ​​and M smiling with him to know they weren’t uncomfortable. Kate had her straight face most of the time.”

And in a third view of claims and counterclaims launched on the media platform, a Twitter user posted a large animation of 20th Century Fox’s intro, edited to read: ‘Nobody cares’ .

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