Melon App Review: Best Features To Look For In An Online Screen Recorder

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Whether you are a streamer, YouTuber, course creator or podcaster, you need quality screen recording software to create quality content. With the rise of web-based recording tools, you can find a solution that doesn’t require downloading third-party apps. Find out what to look for when choosing an online screen recorder and learn how to record a live stream using the Melon app.

How can I record my screen online?

Are you struggling to find a quality online screen recorder? Melon is an easy-to-use and powerful live streaming and recording app that lets you broadcast on all social networks and record your stream at the same time. You can choose from various social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter and custom RTMP source or stream directly to multiple platforms simultaneously.

You can start with a free Melon account to stream on your favorite social platforms and upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan to access powerful cloud and local screen recording features.


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Unlike most online screen recorders, Melon lets you record your podcasts remotely, from your PC or Mac. Just add your friends as guests, invite them to the private chat room and start streaming and recording. To get started, follow the guide below to stream or record your first show with Melon.

#1 Login / Register

Log in to the Melon app with your login credentials or register using your email to start using the stream recorder. Additionally, you can use Melon Studio for local recordings which will give you separate HD video and audio tracks regardless of internet connection. On top of that, you can live stream your pre-recorded videos so your audience can see them live, just like a real-time liveshow.

#2 Add a video feed to your feed

You will see yourself on the left side of the screen after allowing access to your camera. Click the “Stream” button to add yourself to the broadcast.

#3 Invite guests

Want your friends to share the spotlight with you? You can click “Invite Guests” in the upper left corner. Simply click the link to copy the custom URL and send it to your guest. Once your guest joins the stream, you will be able to see their webcam. Then click “Show on Stream” to make sure you both appear on the Stream together.

#4 Go live and record

The next step is to choose whether to go live or record video first. If you select the “Record” option, you will be able to record your podcast remotely with multiple guests. If you want to enable local recording with streaming, go to Menu – Settings and enable local recording.Melon

After jumping into Melon Studio solo or with friends, now you can take advantage of Melon’s stream recorder to record your screen, video or background music for viewers. Just find the “Share” button, click it, and your screen will now be shared in your recording. Once you’ve organized your video the way you want, tap “Record” to start your recording or “Go Live” if you want to livestream your session as well.

Point: For screen sharing, make sure to check the “Share audio” box that appears at the bottom left in a pop-up window to also share audio. It is important to note that audio will only play under specific circumstances depending on the operating system you are using. On Windows, audio sharing only works when recording your entire screen or a browser window. In Ubuntu and Mac, audio plays only from browser tabs.

If you have enabled local recording with streaming or recording, you will get converted video and audio tracks which you can download after the liveshow in account settings. Supported formats for downloads: .webm, .mp4, .wav

What is the best online screen recorder?

There is no doubt that the Melon app offers the easiest solution to record a live stream. First, you create professional-looking streams from your browser in seconds. Then you can stream to all major social media sites and stream to grow your following while recording your video to release on VOD.

Melon’s video recorder makes it easy to capture your screen in real time with anyone watching, alone or with friends. Just click a few buttons, and you’re done.

Main characteristics

  • Cloud-based stream recorder: There is no need to download apps for you or your friends/guests. By logging in, you can start recording in seconds.

  • Supports multiple platforms: This live streaming tool is compatible with social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, custom RTMP connections, etc. to expand your audience.

  • Monetization tools: You can earn revenue from audience donations when you live stream. At the same time, you can also give back to them via alerts to help you engage and recognize them.

  • Quality Online Screen Recorder: The Melon app offers 1080p quality for your streaming and recording needs. You can also offer a green screen to make your stream more interactive for viewers.

  • Local recording: Separate high-quality video and audio files for post-production will take your professional broadcasts to the next level.

  • Flow transfer: Connect Zoom or Streamlabs Desktop to Melon and get started using the benefits of both platforms.

  • Unlimited personalization and engagement possibilities: Use theme library in design settings or create your own custom style, connect with users via ticker, banner, reactions, etc.

  • Customer service: Access the best professional human support and let Melon help and guide you when you need it.

  • Podcast compatible: As a podcaster, you’ll appreciate that local recording provides you with separate audio tracks as part of the recording process.


  • Hosted in the cloud, no software to download

  • Supports 1080p streaming and recording

  • Includes local recording so you can save high-quality video and audio tracks

  • Offers free monetization tools with 0% discount – all the money is yours

  • Human customer support

  • Allows you to schedule streams in advance

  • Allows you to inform your audience about your feeds

The inconvenients

Whether you’re looking for recording software for creating online courses, podcasting, gaming, or other types of content creation, you’ll definitely appreciate the ease and flexibility of Melon’s recording features.

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