NCAA Regional Volleyball Semifinals: Live Updates, Scores, Video


Who doesn’t like certain predictions? The field for the 2021 DI women’s volleyball tournament was unveiled on Sunday the 28th, and all the action begins this Thursday, December 2nd. I completed my entire parenthesis, up to the national champion.

For all the bracket prediction, click or tap here. The second round in my expected range has some great games. Miami v Florida, Western Kentucky v Georgia Tech, Stanford v Minnesota, Pittsburgh v Penn State and BYU v Utah. I chose Florida, Georgia Tech, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Utah to move forward.

In the regional finals, the toughest clashes to pick were Ohio State vs. Georgia Tech, Baylor vs. Minnesota, UCLA vs. Wisconsin, Kentucky vs. Nebraska, and Washington vs. Texas. I selected Ohio State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Texas to move forward, although very difficult to choose. That leaves us with the final regional clashes of Louisville v Ohio State, Minnesota v Wisconsin, Purdue v Pittsburgh and Texas v Nebraska.

My national semi-final teams are:

  • (1) Louisville
  • (4) Wisconsin
  • (6) Purdue
  • (2) Texas

In this installment, we have Louisville against Wisconsin and Texas against Purdue. Honestly, I’m pretty happy I picked these four teams for the top four, and I particularly like the idea of ​​a Louisville v Wisconsin clash. It would be one for the books. Louisville has an incredibly strong block, as does Wisconsin. I would love to see Dana Rettke on the other side of the net from Anna Stevenson and Amaya Tillman. I think this is where Louisville has to prove itself. They have proven themselves as a national powerhouse throughout the season and have beaten so many ranked teams that they clinched the No. 1 seed in the tournament. But knocking out a Wisconsin team that has top-four-ranked players in the past two seasons is what Louisville will have to do.

I clearly think Wisconsin is a team, considering I picked them to win it all over the past two seasons (It’s just my luck if they win it the year I don’t pick them). I think they’re amazing, but they have holes, especially after losing Danielle Hart to injury this season. When they put it all together, they’re unstoppable, but they don’t always do it. Louisville has been consistent all season, so I’m picking consistency here.

Then you have Texas vs. Purdue, another great game. This Purdue team could be a challenge for Texas with their big block. In fact, Purdue has the second highest number of blocks per set as a nationwide team. But again, Texas lost in the title game last season and will derive additional motivation from it. They return the most experienced roster with five returning All-Americans and some of the best players in the country. I think they make it into the title game to face Louisville and win it all. It is a dominant team and a team on a mission. One I don’t want to fight against.


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