Perspectives of Women in the Media: We Are Enough

As women, I think we begin to thrive – whether outdoors or at home – when we dare to be authentic.

A quote that caused me to examine my intentions when making decisions is: “People who exercise their embryonic freedom day by day, little by little, expand that freedom. People who don’t find it will wither until they are literally lived.

For me, this is profound because there are myriad ways in which we women “live”.

It’s often through our fears and sometimes it’s by responding to the expectations placed on us. We must dare to be unique, to truly make a meaningful contribution, whatever path we follow. Society puts ridiculous pressure on women to be this or that. We must remember that we are enough.

I hope women entering the industry will do so with the courage to know they belong in OOH. They belong where they choose. The OOH Arena, like any other career they pursue, will have challenges, but you must persevere and allow yourself the freedom to grow and the grace to make mistakes.

At Eazy Ads, what drives our team is the hope that we can be useful while allowing ourselves the freedom to be unique, because that’s the only way to make our dream come true.

~ Gloria Isaacs is Director of Sales at Eazy Ads.

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