Poly launches professional-grade devices to promote equal opportunities



As the office concept has evolved from a single, fixed location to a combination of home offices, traditional offices, new workspaces and mobile workplaces, video conferencing must meet the new hybrid needs of workers. A key requirement is that workers can participate in interactions on an equal footing, regardless of their physical location, and a new generation of video conferencing solutions is coming to the market to enable this.

Poly launched its Poly Studio X70 video bar and the Poly Studio E70 smart camera to enable workers with this new level of experience to bring broadcast-quality video to every meeting. Both products feature Poly DirectorAI technology that includes the company’s Acoustic Fence capability and NoiseBlockAI, allowing users to create the perception of broadcast-quality live production with their own in-room director. Poly DirectorAI uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to provide real-time automatic transitions, framing, and tracking so all participants feel like they’re in the same room.

This creates a shared experience for everyone, providing meeting equality regardless of where they work. “One of the biggest changes is the shift to hybrid work,†says Sof Socratous, Vice President of Sales for Northern Europe at Poly. “The office is no longer a building, it can be anywhere, from a bedroom in London to a cafe halfway around the world. However, this raises a major question: how can companies ensure respect for equality for all?

“It’s essential that each team member feels like they’re sitting together in virtual meetings,†he adds. “Otherwise, companies risk a lasting impact on morale, productivity and progress.”

Socratous distinguishes four ways in which companies can create an equal collaboration experience for workers by allowing them to listen without background noise, improving the focus of the image so that focus is not lost, harmonizing the physical and digital so connection and transitions are seamless, and technology matched to software so devices are optimized for the platforms teams choose to work with.

To this end, the Poly Studio E70 smart camera is Zoom certified and the Poly Studio X70 video bar is expected to be certified by December 2021. Both solutions will support Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery to bring meeting equality to the mids and large rooms. Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery will use AI to create a gallery view and send up to three unique video streams to frame attendees in the room to remote attendees, to make sure everyone gets the face-to-face communication they want. requires.

The Poly Studio X70 video bar and Poly Studio E70 smart camera are suitable for conference rooms, providing high-quality audio and video meeting experiences for both in-room participants and for those joining remotely, thus allowing all types of workers to live rich hybrid experiences on an equal footing.

Poly will be at the UC Expo in London, UK to discuss in more depth how to achieve dating equality on Wednesday October 6 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and Thursday October 7 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Visit booth T56 to learn more about creating equal meeting experiences and receive demonstrations on Poly’s line of headsets, desk and conference phones, and video collaboration solutions.


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