Speedcast Unveils Network Optimized Remote Video Streaming Solution


Speedcast, a leading provider of IT and communications services, announced the launch of Speedcast SmartViewTM, an innovative, network-optimized remote video and audio communications solution. Designed for energy, shipping, enterprise, telecommunications and government customers, industries with mission-critical operations can accelerate their digital transformation to revolutionize remote access and collaboration in the field.

Powered by Speedcast partner Harvest Technology Group Limited and its ultra-low bandwidth network-optimized live streaming solution, Speedcast SmartView enables real-time streaming of secure high-definition video and audio via satellite to a fraction of the bandwidth previously required. As a result, organizations looking to transform their operations through digitization can use Speedcast SmartView to perform inspections and repairs for assets operating anywhere in the world, without the need for technicians to travel and work at remote sites. Available in multiple formats, Speedcast SmartView can be used on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for underwater inspections and searches, at remote sites for surveillance, and on portable devices.

“Video collaboration technologies can dramatically improve field and underwater operations,†said Jeffrey Irwin, vice president of product management at Speedcast. “The unique proposition of Speedcast SmartView is its ability to deliver high quality video and audio content over a satellite connection. When an ROV, staff member or crew member is performing work at a remote site, the ideal scenario of minimal delays, low or no operational wait times, and seamless collaboration enables decision making efficient and in real time.

New Plymouth Underwater Ltd. recently tested Speedcast SmartView on its state-of-the-art ROVs in the South Pacific Ocean and confirmed the solution’s ability to provide high definition live streaming under different bandwidth conditions.

“Diving, underwater and marine services are at the heart of our business and it is essential that our team stay connected and collaborate with the head office, via real-time video feeds,†said Mike Sharp, director of New Plymouth Underwater. “Speedcast SmartView’s ability to deliver high definition video content through satellite connectivity helps us achieve operational efficiency, increase worker safety and save money. ”

In October 2021, Harvest Technology Group, a global leader in remote operations, announced that it had signed an official reseller agreement with Speedcast. Today’s announcement of the integration of Harvest’s network-optimized live streaming capabilities with Speedcast SmartView is the next step in this agreement between the two companies.

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