Stewie2k CS: GO streaming configuration: mouse, keyboard, etc.


Jake “Stewie2k” Yip is an American CS: GO rifleman who has played for various teams since entering the pro scene in 2016. He currently plays for Team Liquid, and his greatest accomplishments include winning the ELEAGUE Boston Major and the ESL Pro League final. His number of followers on Twitch exceeds 900,000.

The American machine has become a legend in the CS: GO community and the equipment it uses can be as interesting as the skills it deploys. Here is Stewie2K’s streaming configuration, starting with its mouse.


Logitech G203

Image via Logitech

the Logitech G203 Comes with a simplistic two side button design, RGB lighting functions and a reasonable price. There isn’t much to say about this reliable mouse other than that it is a quality mouse for those looking for a balance between price and performance. It’s fairly inexpensive and works well as a gaming mouse for competitive gaming, which matters most.


HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Image via HyperX
Image via HyperX

the FPS Pro is a keyboard designed for, as one might suppose, FPS games. The keyless design means the only keys available are the ones you’ll be using in a game like CS: GO.

Speaking of keys, the keyboard comes with customization options for the Cherry Blue or Red MX switches. The Blues have a more classic click and are generally advertised as better for hitting, while the Reds boast much quieter actuation without tactility and are typically used for games.


Alienware AW2521H 360Hz

Image via Alienware
Image via Alienware

the AW2521H is a 24.5-inch FHD monitor that typically costs less than $ 800. The resolution may be standard, but the 360Hz refresh rate is where the high price comes in.

In an FPS game, playing on a monitor with a refresh rate below 120Hz can put a player at a disadvantage when competing at higher levels. While it’s always best to have a higher refresh rate, the AW2521H’s 360Hz is certainly considered extravagant and should only be considered a luxury monitor for those who can afford it.


SteelSeries QCK +

Image via SteelSeries
Image via SteelSeries

There is a world where a simple piece of cloth is more interesting than a gaming mouse that has taken generations to develop in its current iteration, but this world is not this one.

The best mouse pad is the one you never notice, and the QCK + is known to be a reliable product that allows players to compete without fear of friction. This mouse pad comes in large sizes which, as most veteran FPS players know, actually matters a lot in competitive matches. Having a larger mouse pad not only ensures that there is enough space to quickly hit targets, but also allows for DPI experimentation without having to consider space.

As always, keep coffee spills to a minimum and this mouse pad will serve you just fine.


HyperX Cloud II

Image via HyperX
Image via HyperX

This aluminum band helmet features memory foam pads, a detachable microphone and is advertised as having a strong structure built to last. It makes sense that Stewie would use headphones that also have virtual surround sound. In CS: GOHaving a solid understanding of one-turn-to-the-second updates can be the difference between winning and losing, and many of those updates are relayed as information via audio. This headset is a decent mid-range headset for those looking for an audio solution that delivers and fine-tunes critical audio signals.

Stewie2k is an exceptionally skilled professional who uses the equipment that best suits him as an individual. Skill takes precedence over equipment, and no amount of money or equipment replaces an unholy amount of practice. Good luck, and good fragging entry.

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