Tatari upgrades ordering workflow for streaming and linear media transactions



Tatari’s latest update allows publishers to manage their streaming insert orders in one place through a fully automated process on their platform.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2021 / – Tatari, the leading data and analytics platform for buying and measuring advertising on both linear and streaming TV, today announced a new and improved process enabling media buyers, networks and Streaming publishers to review and approve linear inventory and streaming transaction orders. The automated and 100% digital process represents the latest step in Tatari’s ongoing efforts to modernize the way TV inventory is bought and sold, whether it’s cable, broadcast or streaming.

“Previously, direct order processing was very manual and inefficient as orders were transmitted as attachments from the initial proposal phase through to final approval,†said Brad Geving, vice president of media buying at Tatari. “Our streamlined ordering process completely eliminates manual round trips between multiple parties for streaming and linear. This saves publishers and networks a lot of time and headaches and, when widely adopted, can lead to a more efficient media market overall. ”

Tatari’s latest update enables broadcasters and streaming editors to more efficiently handle the process of ordering TV and streaming through Tatari’s platform. Now a Tatari media buyer can easily generate an order request using a standardized template hosted online. Using Tatari’s media booking tool, the media buyer can email the order to the broadcaster or streaming platform, and that account representative can then sign the order electronically, triggering automatically an approval confirmation by email. Together, these capabilities facilitate more agile and efficient media exchange, reducing processing time by 90%.

The main benefits for publishers and streaming networks include:
– Change management: Tatari builds the modern way of dealing with TV media buying, allowing you to take necessary action for the future
– Full automation: all orders are handled digitally – no need to upload, sign or upload manually
– Improved presentation of the insertion order: a consistent order, easy to read and securely hosted online
– Streamlined workflow: reduce email round trips, save time and speed up the ordering process

Scott Berger, Vice President of Direct to Scale at NBCUniversal Advertising and Partnerships, said, “At NBCUniversal, we pride ourselves on making purchasing premium video content as simple and easy as watching it. Tatari’s technology has had a tremendously positive impact on the way we deal with direct insertion orders, streamlining the process and allowing us to prove the effectiveness of the NBCU hearing for our DTC partners.

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