“The Suicide Squad” underperformed at the box office. here’s why



Does that mean the movie starring Idris Elba, John Cena, and Margot Robbie as the Devilishly Mad Harley Quinn was a flop? Not exactly.

As we’ve seen so much this summer, it’s getting harder and harder to gauge box office success. Theaters are still trying to find their place after the pandemic has ravaged their businesses, and offering blockbusters at home via streaming has skewed the metrics even more.
That said, “Suicide Squad†is a big-budget superhero film from director James Gunn, who also directed Marvel’s hugely popular “Guardians of the Galaxyâ€. His latest film also received excellent reviews from critics (92% score on Rotten Tomatoes) and stars well-known actors, so box office expectations were high for the weekend.
Another reason the film may have fallen short of expectations is that it is a sequel to 2016’s “Suicide Squad.†This film was poorly received by fans and critics, despite earning $ 747 million in the world, according to Comscore (SCOR). The 2021 film features some of the same characters and cast from the 2016 release, and is less of a sequel than a second try. In the end, the bitter response to the original film and the confusion over how it relates to it may have been a hard sell for moviegoers.
Finally, like all releases of Warner Bros. 2021, the film was also available on HBO Max the same day it hit theaters. This may have cannibalized ticket sales, but other recent Warner Bros. movies, including “Godzilla vs. Kong” and “Space Jam: A New Legacy” have opened up to solid numbers in theaters while also being available on HBO Max. (Warner Bros., like CNN, is owned by WarnerMedia.)

While one of these reasons may be behind the banal opening of “The Suicide Squad,” it’s likely a mix of all of the above.

Ultimately, it’s not 2019 anymore, and the box office isn’t the only way to judge whether a movie is a hit or not. Streaming is now the center of attention in Hollywood, so while the film has appeared at the box office, at least by high expectations, it could still be seen as a hit to gain attention – and possibly. be the subscribers – on HBO Max. But without clear streaming audience metrics, it’s hard to say for sure.

Now Hollywood and theaters are looking to the rest of the summer to see how the box office will perform, how audiences will continue to respond to the streaming revolution, and what effect, if any, the increase in the variant will have. Delta will have on general ticket sales. .


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