Twitch plans to permanently implement discounted multi-month subscription rates


Twitch is giving users who subscribe to their favorite channels for several months a little step backwards with multi-month subscription prices.

Twitch today announced that this once-temporary pricing for multi-month subscriptions will soon become a permanent fixture on the platform. For users who choose to subscribe to channels for a three-month period, they’ll pay a little less with just a price of $ 4.49 for a level one subscription. If you go for six months, the cost is again reduced to just $ 4.24.

This means that if you know you’re going to want to stay subscribed to a channel for the next several months, you’ll want to take advantage of these reduced prices. The same discounts apply for higher sub levels with a three month deadline guaranteeing a 10 percent discount and the six month option getting 15 percent.

As long as the discounts are in place for those who buy, creators will still get their usual rate per subscriber back on the platform itself. At this time, it’s unclear exactly when the feature will roll out across all channels of the platform, but it will take place over the next few months.

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