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Viasat, formerly known as Exede, is a satellite internet service provider with an impressive range of plans. Subscribers can choose from 10 different combinations of speed and data with limits far exceeding those of the competition. Although Viasat plans are a bit more expensive than others, you might find that the cost is well worth it if you need higher bandwidth service than what is offered by other providers. satellites.


  • 10 different packages to choose from
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • High data limits

The inconvenients:

  • Same download speed on all plans
  • Actual speeds are often lower than advertised speeds

Viasat Internet plans and prices

Price Upload / download speeds Connection type Best for
Freedom 12 $ 50 / month. 12 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite 1-2 people, navigation only
Freedom 25 $ 75 / month. 12 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite 1-2 people, navigation only
Freedom 50 $ 100 / month. 12 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite 1-2 people, navigation only
Unlimited Bronze 12 $ 70 / month. 12 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite 1-2 people, navigation only
Unlimited money 12 $ 100 / month. 12 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite 1-2 people, video streaming up to 480p
Unlimited Gold 12 $ 150 / month. 12 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite 1-2 people, video streaming up to 480p
Unlimited money 25 $ 100 / month. 25 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite Up to 3 people, video streaming up to 480p
Unlimited Gold 30 $ 150 / month. 30 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite Video streaming up to 720p
Unlimited Gold 50 $ 150 / month. 50 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite Up to 4 people, video streaming up to 720p
Unlimited Platinum 100 $ 200 / month. 100 Mbps / 3 Mbps Satellite 5+ people, streaming up to 1080p HD

*Data effective March 22, 2020. Prices vary depending on location and availability.

Estimated speeds

Six of Viasat’s lower tier plans have the same advertised speeds: 12 Mbps upload and 3 Mbps upload. However, as you reach for the more premium plans from the provider, the speeds increase rapidly. You will find options of 25 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps and even 100 Mbps. And these broadband plans come with data limits high enough for you to take full advantage of them. The Unlimited Platinum 100 plan, for example, has a limit of 150 GB per month, much higher than anything offered by the competition.


Viasat plans start at $ 50 for 12GB of data at 12Mbps and goes up to $ 200 for 150GB of data at 100Mbps. Entry-level plans are more expensive than comparable ones from competitor HughesNet, which offers 10GB of data faster than 25Mbps at just $ 39.99 per month.

However, if speed and data are your priority and cost isn’t an issue, you’ll likely find that Viasat’s unmatched top speed plans are worth the price.

Who is each plan best suited for?

  • 12 Mbps: Ideal for a single user with 1-2 devices
  • 25 Mbps: Ideal for two users with up to 4 devices
  • 30 Mbps: Ideal for three users with up to 5 devices
  • 50 Mbps: Ideal for four users with up to 6 devices
  • 100 Mbps: Ideal for five users with up to 8 devices

What is the internet speed of Viasat?

Viasat advertises speeds starting at 12 Mbps and going up to 100 Mbps. Unfortunately, the Federal Communications Commission’s Fixed Broadband report suggests that these speeds may not be accurate. The study found that less than 60% of Viasat customers received download speeds that were at least 80% of the advertised speed. The good news is that the download speeds were accurate and even exceeded the advertised speed on average.

Although Viasat’s 100 Mbps is not available everywhere, having access to 12 to 50 Mbps is a solid connection range and should provide sufficient speed for small to medium-sized households.

Internet availability

Since Viasat Internet is provided by satellite, it is widely available throughout the United States, even in areas that cannot get standard broadband or fiber Internet service. Viasat also plans to expand to other parts of North America, South America, the Caribbean and much of the Atlantic Ocean. The provider notes that users on the go can also take advantage of Viasat’s partnerships with other satellite providers across Europe.

While Viasat is always more expensive than some cable and DSL internet options, if you live in a rural area and want access to fast speeds with reasonable data caps, Viasat is a solid option.

Other factors to consider

The most important thing to know when reviewing Viasat is that despite the wide range of plans, the availability of each plan is highly dependent on your geographic area. Maximum speeds aren’t available in all locations, and we’ve even found that some plans may be more expensive in some areas than others. For the most accurate pricing and plan information, enter your zip code on the Viasat website to see what plans are available in your area.

Another factor to consider is how long are you going to pay your introductory price. Viasat offers a price freeze for the first two years of service; your price will increase up to 33% after the first three months due to its promotional price structure shown on its site. So be aware that once the introductory period is over, you will move on to paying the real locked-in rate.

Finally, like any other satellite provider, you may encounter difficulties when using video conferencing tools or online gaming. This results from latency, which is the time it takes for data to travel from one point to another. Since data must travel between a satellite and your home, there may be a slight delay.

Viasat vs. HughesNet

Starting price Availablity Download speeds Log in Contract
Viasat $ 50 50 states 12 Mbit / s – 100 Mbit / s Satellite 24months
HughesNet $ 39.99 50 states 25 Mbps Satellite 24months

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