Vislink launches new camera for AI-powered sports production

The camera is available to order from Mobile Viewpoint and Vislink resellers.

Vislink has launched the Mobile Viewpoint Stellar Cam, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered camera for live sports production.

Designed for automatic coverage of demanding sports, the new durable, weather-resistant camera offers ultra-high resolution, high frame rates and zoom capabilities to capture real-time action on the playing field, said the society.

Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink, said, “This announcement confirms our leadership position in integrating AI-powered technology to facilitate more profitable news and sports productions. Stellar Cam represents the latest in a long line of AI solutions brought to market by our Mobile Viewpoint brand. This is a key part of IQ Sports Producer, our platform for capturing live sports events without the need for on-site staff. IQ Sports Producer is perfect for mid-level and lower level games and matches, and allows over-the-top (OTT) media providers, media rights holders and production companies to capture sporting events on a budget .

Michel Bais, General Manager of Mobile Viewpoint, added: “At the start of our AI journey, we offered a ready-to-use 4x 4K panoramic surveillance camera to our customers. While great for web streaming, many of our high-end broadcast customers wanted a camera with a higher frame rate, adjustable lenses, and something that didn’t rely on optical zoom. At that time, a broadcast of the panoramic camera did not exist, so we invented our own, now known as XCAM. The Stellar Cam is an evolution of this technology that offers a price close to the original surveillance camera, but with many more features and improved quality, including support for 50/60 frames per second, which makes it absolutely ideal for broadcasting live events.

IQ Sports Producer has been designed to produce live streams of football, rugby, basketball, hockey and handball. Recently, it has been rolled out to cover sports such as horse jumping and velodrome cycling, with support for more sports added.

A single panoramic camera captures the entire field, arena or track in high resolution. AI is used to create a virtual camera that tracks ball and player action, creating a software cutout of the action from the panoramic view. IQ Sports Producer can zoom, provide highlights, graphics and scoreboards, replicating a real professional production.

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