What is YouTube TV 4K Plus: Features, Price, and Devices


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  • YouTube TV now offers 4K streaming for a selection of live and on-demand entertainment.
  • The 4K Plus add-on also includes offline viewing and unlimited simultaneous streams at home.
  • YouTube TV costs $ 65 per month, and the 4K Plus add-on costs an additional $ 10 per month for your first year.

YouTube TV
offers over 85 live TV channels for $ 65 per month. Subscribers can get the

Plus a supplement for $ 10 per month for one year. The add-on costs $ 20 per month after your first 12 months.

YouTube TV is one of the best streaming services for live TV, and now subscribers have the option to upgrade to a higher quality viewing experience. The new 4K Plus add-on provides access to 4K playback, offline viewing, and unlimited simultaneous streams at home.

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) offers four times the total pixels compared to 1080p High Definition (HD) resolution. This allows 4K images to deliver better clarity with more detail. 4K streaming on YouTube TV is available for some live and on-demand programming.

The only other major streaming service offering 4K playback for live channels is FuboTV. Although FuboTV includes higher quality streaming with its standard package, the options available are limited.

If you’re not sure whether to commit to the 4K Plus add-on, YouTube TV offers free trials and discounted introductory prices. Below, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about 4K Plus, including features, cost, and compatible devices.

What is YouTube TV 4K Plus?

YouTube TV 4K Plus is an add-on service available to YouTube TV subscribers. The basic YouTube TV package includes over 85 live TV channels, and 4K Plus gives members access to three key upgrades: 4K playback, offline viewing, and no limits for simultaneous home streams. .

The main attraction of this add-on is the addition of 4K UHD streaming for on-demand and live entertainment. The 4K experience provides enhanced clarity and detail over the usual high definition streaming quality from YouTube TV. That said, 4K streaming is only available for certain programs and events.

The 4K Plus add-on also enables offline viewing. This feature allows you to save your DVR recordings for viewing when you are not connected to the Internet. Offline viewing is only available on mobile devices through the YouTube TV app. DVR recordings are accessible for a limited time and downloads expire nine months after recording.

While the basic YouTube TV plan is limited to three simultaneous streams, the 4K Plus add-on provides members with unlimited simultaneous streams when connected to a home internet service. If you are outside your home, members are still limited to three simultaneous streams.

How much does YouTube TV 4K Plus cost?

For a limited time, YouTube TV subscribers can get the Youtube TV 4K Plus add-on for just $ 10 per month for one year. The basic YouTube TV package costs $ 65 per month, bringing your total price to $ 75 per month.

After the one-year promotional period, the 4K Plus add-on will automatically renew for $ 20 per month.

If you’re hesitant to upgrade to 4K Plus, you can get a 30-day free trial of the add-on. Current YouTube TV subscribers only need to review their subscription settings to activate the 4K Plus trial.

Which channels offer 4K streaming on YouTube TV?

The YouTube TV 4K Plus add-on enables 4K streaming support for certain live and on-demand programming on certain networks. The following channels support 4K streaming for some shows and events:

  • Discovery
  • ESPN
  • Fox sports
  • FX
  • Nat Geo
  • NBC Sports
  • Home made

Programs that support 4K will show a 4K icon in the YouTube TV interface. You can find a full selection of 4K content by searching for “4K” in the YouTube TV app.

Are my devices compatible with 4K Plus?

Before subscribing to YouTube TV 4K Plus, make sure your device is compatible with the add-on service. Members can enjoy 4K playback directly through the YouTube TV app on select smart TVs or through select streaming devices connected to a 4K compatible display.

For 4K streaming, you also need a home internet connection with download speeds of 25 Mbps or greater.

Here is a full list of devices compatible with YouTube TV 4K Plus:

  • LG 4K Smart TVs (2016 or newer models)
  • Samsung 4K Smart TVs (2016 or newer models)
  • Hisense 4K Smart TVs (2016 or newer models)
  • 4K Android Smart TVs
  • Apple TV 4K (2021 model)
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Roku devices with 4K
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • PS4 Pro
  • Nvidia Shield

Visit the YouTube TV Help Center for more information on compatible devices and help with 4K streaming.

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