“I’m so tired of being a punching bag on social media” – Cardi B issues heartbreaking statement after recent online hate from fans

In the life of all celebrities, there comes a time when they can’t take it anymore. A totally understandable reaction was seen by American rapper Cardi B when she shared a moving conversation about how people go wild on social media. The rapper is sick of being the “social media punching bag” all the time. Here’s what she had to say about the incident.

Cardi B smiling for the cameras.

In a rant session that seemed like a breaking point for Cardi B, the rapper took to Instagram Live and started a serious and emotional conversation about being the “social media punching bag” she was in. felt tired of being the butt of every little thing that happened.

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“I don’t like the way these blogs, they’re trying to set me up, like, it’s like I’m so sick of being like the punching bag of social media” the rapper reportedly said during the first moments of the live stream. The rapper said she’s in an emotional state where she “I can not stand it anymore“. But where does all this hate come from?

Cardi B’s comments on ‘invasion of privacy’

Cardi B's latest album cover.
The cover of Cardi B’s latest album (Invasion of Privacy).

When fans got a mixed review for Cardi B’s 2018 album “Invasion of Privacy,” she didn’t appreciate all of the negative comments that went her way. Fans (or people) were disappointed when the rapper’s debut album entered the Rolling Stone album chart. Appearing on a podcast called Angela Yee’s “Lip Service,” the rapper made some negative fan comments.

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Don’t try to disrespect me on my work or my album because your mom…your mom listened to my shit”. However, it wasn’t the whole clip but just a snippet from the podcast that made things seem out of context. Fans started complaining about Cardi B’s negative comments and began to return them in kind.

Cardi B poses for photos.

Cardi B poses for photos.

A few days later, the rapper took to Instagram and had a touching conversation about his fatigue. She felt people were dragging her into all the debates online and horribly bashing her for the negative comments from both sides of the party. Cardi B ie rival Nicki Minaj recently made headlines as the first and only female rapper to hit 26 billion streams on Spotify!

Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” was released in 2018 and received a score of 67%.

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