What is Wordle? Everything you need to know about addicting and free online social media gaming


Wordle is the new word game app that has taken the world by storm – so fast, in fact, that you can already feel like you’re late. If you need a quick explanation on this game to get you started, we’ve got you covered.

Wordle is a guessing game that challenges you to guess a mysterious five letter word. You have six tries and you have to guess not only the letters themselves, but also their location in the mystery word. If you get a correct letter, it appears in green; if you get the correct letter but the order is wrong, it will appear in yellow. This is why green, yellow and gray grids appear on social media, because this is how users can share their results without spoiling the mystery word of the day.

This is how the game plays out in a nutshell, but the real story is how it came to prominence. It all started with software engineer Josh Wardle, who was interviewed this week by The New York Times. Yes, Wardle named his game after his own last name, and he created it just for his partner, Palak Shah, who loves word puzzles.

Wardle reportedly shared the game with his partner and family, and found it was quickly becoming an obsession with everyone. He decided to post it online in October, believing others might get hooked as well. The growth has been massive – over 300,000 people played the game this weekend, and that number continues to rise.

Experts say the rise in popularity is particularly impressive given Wordle’s limited format – it can only be played once per day, forcing users to wait 24 hours for their next patch. It’s quite different from a lot of other mobile games, but some gamers say it’s what they like the most.

Users also praised the game’s accessibility. They find it charming that something so popular didn’t get bogged down with advertisements, membership levels, or corporate sponsors. Wardle himself told The Times: “I think people kinda appreciate that there’s this stuff online that’s just fun. He’s not trying to do anything fishy with your data or your eyes. . It’s just a game that’s fun. “

According to the sound, Wardle has no plans to add any functionality to Wordle or take advantage of the traffic. He would have around 2,500 more words waiting for the days to come, so Wordle can continue to give you a daily dose of pleasure for years to come.


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