‘Malignant’ on HBO Max has social media weighing in on ’90s-inspired horror film



A new movie on HBO Max is generating a lot of buzz on social media. Released both in theaters and on the streaming platform on Friday, September 10, just before the official October debut of the Scary Season, the ’90s-inspired horror film. Smart serves up a lot of scares and turns out to be a must see horror movie for Halloween.

Marking director James Wan’s return to the horror genre – Wan is also the mastermind behind popular horror titles like Conspiracy, Insidious, and Seen- Smart follows Maddison, a woman paralyzed by shocking visions of gruesome murders. These daydreams, however, turn out to be reality. The film stars Annabelle Wallis (The Mummy and Annabelle) in the lead role alongside Maddie Hasson, George Young and Michole Briana White. The film is heavily influenced by the horror of the 90s.

“When people ask me: ‘how would you describe Smart? ‘ And I would say, I would describe it best because this is the kind of movie, if we lived in the 80s or early 90s we would go to the local video store, go down to the bottom, until the very end , where would be the horror or sci-fi section. And we would go even further in the back shelves. And we’d pick a movie that we’d never heard of before, but it would have the coolest poster on it. It would be like Evil 9-9-9, or 6-6-6. And then that was the movie you can go to, ‘Oh, that’s cool. Let me take you back and see what it is, â€Wan said at a press event, according to ComicBook.com. “And that’s how I sort of describe Malignant if it came out in the late 80s or early 90s. But of course I would try to elevate it beyond exploitation type. , the scary level of these movies and actually, and try to rate it a bit. “

Smart is now available to stream on HBO Max on the ad-free plan, which costs $ 15 per month. The film will be available on the platform for the next 31 days before its departure on October 10. It is also in theaters. As the film arrived on HBO Max in early Friday morning, many viewers took to social media for weight, with many applauding the film as a must-see title. Keep scrolling to see what people had to say.

‘Game changer’

“[Malignant] is a game changer “, critical writing Shannon McGrew. “Defying the boundaries of genre film, Wan has created something unique and terrifying. It is a beautifully deranged piece of art that is destined to become a cult classic. A love letter to the genre and its fans, this is Wan at his best. “

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“Insane and completely unpredictable”

“[Malignant] is absolutely crazy and completely unpredictable. It’s also one of the first modern horror movies I’ve seen in years that fully embraces CAMP, which I thought was a long dead art, ” another viewer tweeted. “More like that, please.”

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Feels “real and scary”

“The film was wild! James Wan is crazy! Horror is on the agenda this year!” wrote to someone else. “STAY AWAY FROM SPOILERS if you can! The visuals and the soundtrack man.”

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“Absolutely crazy”

“I don’t really do movie reviews (I should) but [Malignant] is a discreet mind f—, ” commented another person. “Some scenes at the start will make you wonder why you’re even watching, but once you get into the juice of the story, it’s brilliantly unique.”

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“Unique and scary”

“[Malignant] it’s fucking crazy “, added a fan. “This is James Wan’s most innovative and gory horror film to date. It’s mind-boggling and has some decent scares too, but not in the typical James Wan fashion as seen in Conjuring and others. It’s very fresh, unique and scary at the same time !!! “

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“Fantastic movie”

“So I just finished watching James Wan’s brand new movie Smart and wow, I certainly didn’t see this madness coming “, tweeted a. “Absolutely bonkers and insane. The horror genre needs James Wan. Wrong. Fantastic movie. 5 star job again.”

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“An instant horror classic”

“[Malignant] is fckn INSANE! ” wrote another viewer. “It sounds like an instant horror classic and James Wan does it again. The twist is on the level of The sixth sense. Also a surprising amount of action that is so gory, cool, and inventive. I loved this film !!”



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