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Each faculty course developer is paired with an instructional designer, instructional technologist, and librarian.

What we do

  • Generate ideas, explore emerging pedagogy, analyze data, provide information and best practices.
  • Meet with faculty course developers to identify goals for online course development.
  • Deploy technological tools and explain their use.
  • Systematic design, development and evaluation of processes and resources for learning.
  • Help faculty course developers map their course and design it according to university and accessibility standards.
  • Demonstrate available technology, best practices and accessibility standards to help achieve these goals.

Instructional designer

  • We wear several hats: information architect, educator, educational engineer, assessor, project manager.
  • We love to design great learning experiences by aligning goals, activities and assessments.
  • We listen, consult and analyze as needed.
  • We’re excited to share educational technology, assessment ideas and more.

Educational technologist

  • We also have several hats: Problem Solver, Web Designer, Media Specialist, Accessibility Expert.
  • We teach you how to use WebCampus and other tools to create great video material and build the course you designed.
  • We provide support to help you troubleshoot WebCampus tools and other technical issues.
  • We work with audiovisual equipment, helping to ensure that your finished product is accessible.


  • We provide support for library resources, research, course reserves, and more.
  • We can help you incorporate Open Educational Resources (OER) into your classroom, and provide copyright advice, to help your students save money.


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