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FOSTER CITY, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sep 20, 2021–

Conviva, the smart cloud for media streaming, today released its State of Streaming: Content Discovery for 2021, revealing how consumers are finding new streaming content to watch. The report showed that first-time broadcast content was discovered in four ways: word of mouth (59%), advertising (52%), social media (49%), and streaming service recommendations. continuous (43%).

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Conviva Streaming Content Discovery Status (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Given the incredible amount of streaming content available today, connecting viewers with content that not only sparks their interest, but also resonates enough to keep them coming back for more is a significant challenge for publishers looking to. identify and engage new audiences, ”said Keith Zubchevich, CEO, Conviva. “By leveraging advertising, recommendations, and social media to curate and promote their offerings, publishers can expose viewers to great new content while simultaneously increasing their reach and brand loyalty. “

Social media are essential for discovering new content

The report illustrates a direct correlation between high social media usage and high streaming video consumption, showing that social platforms are the key to discovering new content. The average number of social media platforms used by a typical consumer is 3.4, while that number drops to 3.9 for heavy streamers (and drops to 2.3 for non-streamers). Additionally, heavy social media users are more than twice as likely to spend more than eight hours per day streaming.

The report also found:

  • 93% of heavy social media users say they stream on Netflix. However, the following top five streaming publishers also dominate with more than half of heavy social users stating that they stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney +, Hulu, and HBO Max.
  • Social platforms are the main source of information among young consumers, aged 18 to 34, with two-thirds agreeing that social media contains useful information about TV, movies or shows.
  • Consumers who agreed with “social media has a lot of good information about shows and movies” were also 78% more likely to discover content while interacting with shows on social media.

The report also broke down word of mouth, the top global source of streaming discovery, to reveal significant social media influence, including friends talking about content on social media (20%), friend recommendations on social media (18%); and recommendations from a celebrity or influencer on social media (11%). Word of mouth in person, including referrals from friends or family (34%) and friends talking about content in person (27%), were also important.

Publishers should maintain an ad mix to maximize content exposure

Advertising also plays a key role in the discovery process and the data revealed that the ad mix needs to be fine-tuned to maximize streaming engagement, as evidenced by:

  • When it comes to which medium to invest in for the most successful ad, most respondents said they had seen an ad on TV, followed by 20% who said they had seen the ad on social media. Only 10% said a podcast ad or newspaper or magazine ad had an influence on what to watch.
  • Up to 65% of long-playing video is still consumed on the big screen. This suggests that 30-second ads remain viable. Conversely, five to 10 second ad units are best suited for smaller devices, where 42% of the shorter content is consumed on mobile phones.
  • General web browsing remains the most common activity among consumers, with 75% of those surveyed reporting surfing the internet for more than an hour per day, while 38% reporting surfing for more than three hours per day. As such, the web is expected to remain a dominant part of the paid advertising mix.

The recommendations of the editors find an echo

The latest data from Conviva shows that streaming viewers today enjoy browsing and discovering new content through curated recommendations that publishers suggest to them, with 43% of streamers discovering content through recommendations from their streaming services. Additionally, 41% of all streaming viewers frequently watch what is recommended to them when they start the selected streaming service, and 47% agree that streaming service recommendations are generally very good.

The full report can be downloaded here.


The data for this report was collected through research conducted by Dynata between June 10, 2021 and June 14, 2021. The interviewed group consisted of 2,502 consumers over the age of 18, who use social media and watch the Internet. television or other video content. via Internet streaming and watch linear TV (not broadcast from the Internet).

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