Bigo Live’s CrazyPhil embarks on whirlwind tour of Germany, broadcasting the entire trip live



BERLIN, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bigo Live Broadcaster and Radio Presenter Philipp ziltener Coming from Swiss recently embarked on a 17 day tour Germany meet other online broadcasters and fans in person. The journey that will take him on the road for nearly three weeks began on June 24 and was exclusively broadcast live to millions of subscribers on the live streaming app.

Ziltener, who calls himself “CrazyPhil”, often showcases his quirk and creativity in live streams. During the pandemic, CrazyPhil built relationships with fans and other broadcasters by sharing their lives during their daily live broadcasts. Following this, CrazyPhil decided to travel through Germany when travel restrictions have been relaxed and live stream the entire trip while viewing it as an opportunity to meet other online broadcasters and fans in person.

“With the general availability of streaming, live travel streaming can become a great tool for sharing travel with travelers. For viewers, live streaming can also alleviate fear of the unknown. Language, clothing and cultural norms feel less alien when seen on screen, â€a Bigo Live spokesperson said.

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Ziltener started the journey with Germany in the town of Sinsheim, in the south-west, heading north-west towards Wiesbaden and Cologne. From Cologne, CrazyPhil traveled north to Oberhausen, Hanover, and Hamburg. Of Hamburg, CrazyPhil then traveled south-east to the capital of Berlin then west to Wolfsburg. The last days of his tour were in the southern regions of the country, including Würzburg and Nürnburg.

During the tour, CrazyPhil met fans and other Bigo Live broadcasters in three major cities: Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin. Bigo Live’s “offline parties†allowed CrazyPhil and his friends and colleagues to meet, get to know each other better and share tips on live streaming.

Asked about the most memorable part of their tour, CrazyPhil said, “Bigo Live is a great platform that has not only grown my audience, but has also helped me build relationships with musicians and artists, and I am delighted to meet them in person. During the trip, I met another Bigo Live star, Nina Chartier (Bigo ID: mrsninachartier), a German rapper, and we became good friends. “

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Bigo Live wrapped up CrazyPhil’s three-week German tour with an outdoor picnic and welcome home party Zurich, Switzerland. With CrazyPhil as the guest of honor, Bigo Live invited 50 broadcasters to try out the growing live streaming platform around the world. CrazyPhil plans to return to Germany in time for Oktoberfest with a new generation of Bigo Live broadcasters.

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